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Our team has developed the SubQ Assist, a task-shifting device that makes subcutaneous contraceptive implants simple and safe to administer. The SubQ Assist acts like a template for a Community Healthcare Worker (CHW), controlling the skin and implant needle simultaneously to ensure that implants are inserted just underneath the skin and never too deeply. 

With the SubQ Assist, Ministries of Health and family planning providers can be confident that contraceptive implants are being administered correctly. The SubQ Assist enables CHWs to provide a highly effective form of long-acting contraception to women in areas.

Our team has worked in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Rwanda to gather feedback on the design and refine our path to market

The SubQ Assist was designed and developed through a collaboration between


SubQ Assist development is funded by

The project began with an immersive experience within hospitals and clinics in Ethiopia during August 2013. We are currently conducting pre-clinical trials and cadaver testing to inform the development of a clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of the SubQ Assist.

With the SubQ Assist, we are able to fill a gap with respect to the current range of contraceptives

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